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"In my line of business I see and interact with professional athletes on a daily basis - Athletes that are at the top of their game. In my opinion, Scott Schaeffer is in the same category. He is a unique individual that is at the top of his "game". Scott sets himself apart from others by his professionalism, strong work ethic and vast knowledge of the human body. I would be hard-pressed to find an individual of Scott Schaeffer's caliber. If anyone inquires about needing chiropractic or strength and conditioning services don't think twice; Dr. Scott Schaeffer is the right choice."

Brandon Steiner
CEO Steiner Sports Marketing

"I've been Dr. Lisa's patient for over seven years now, in fact my whole family has benefited from her care over the years. I continue to recommend her and Dr. Scott to everyone I know.

As a former patient of a number of other chiropractors in the past, I want to clearly state that Dr. Lisa and Dr. Scott are in a whole other league. Their approach is centered entirely on the needs of the patient. Their wealth of knowledge, abundance of chiropractic techniques and the consistent focus on my well being surprised me at first. This was totally different treatment - and a different level of expertise - than I had experienced before. "Maybe" I thought to myself after my first visit, "this is what chiropractic care was supposed to be." I've been coming back ever since. Now I bring my ten year old son for treatments as well.

Honestly, Dr. Lisa and Dr. Scott make my former chiropractors seem amateurish and commercial. I very much appreciate that I've never been coerced or even asked to come back for another visit - much less required to sign up for weekly appointments for a contracted period of time as I have been at other chiropractic offices. The Schaefer-Cavaliere approach is entirely non-commercial and focused on patient wellness. How unusual to find in this day and age!

Whether you have a chronic problem or like me, feel that you could benefit from a "tune up" (and you will), I strongly recommend these fine doctors of chiropractic."

Roy Goldstein
CEO of Capricorn Information Systems

"For three years, we benefited from the chiropractic and healing expertise of Lisa Cavaliere and Scott Schaeffer. Because of their care, we were able to heal from physical and emotional stresses that characterized our lives at the time. We have since moved to North Carolina and have yet to find other healers who match their level of knowledge, mastery, compassion, generosity of Spirit and professionalism. For those of you in New York, take advantage of having these two exceptional caregivers in your community. We are often wishing that we could 'beam' ourselves up for a session and in fact, when we're in the New York area, we always schedule time to see them. They are rare and wonderful and true to their profession!"

Christina Hristakos                  Carol Mauriello
Chef, Teacher and Healer       Independent Film Producer

"I have always been athletic, but have had to temper my zeal for total fitness with a sometimes painful lower back. That's why Scott Schaeffer is the right trainer for me. Scott combines years of experience as a chiropractor with cutting edge knowledge about the best ways to train clients most effectively and safely. I recently had my sixth child and turned 40; and I'm as fit as I've ever been and my back feels great."

Wendy Goldman
Mother of Six

"My family and I have been chiropractic and fitness clients of Dr. Schaeffer for years. His knowledge, experience and encouraging attitude continues to keep our family pain free and fit. Dr. Schaeffer is a rare find and I feel fortunate to have him as a part of our healthcare team. If any of my friends, family or colleagues are in the need of quality chiropractic or fitness training services I am always quick to recommend Dr. Schaeffer."

Eileen Farbman
Counselor and Board Member of My Sisters' Place (A facility providing comprehensive services for victims of domestic violence and their children in Westchester County)

"Dr. Schaeffer is an extraordinary person and doctor! As a result of his diverse skills, caring nature, professionalism and multi-faceted treatment, I was able to avoid suggested back surgery and maintain my active lifestyle for the past five years. I highly recommend Scott!"

Laurel Byrne, Psy.D.
Clinical Psychologist

"Your professionalism and kind caring attitude have turned on a ray of hope. The combination of a few severe neck and back trauma's and a stressful job had created chronic daily pain. The Chiropractic adjustments that I have received from you helped me become not only pain-free, but also a more heatlh conscious individual in both body and mind. Your knowledge is deep, in that you have an intuitive sense of my needs."

Thank you....."
Tammy Ann Sweitzer

"Scott Schaeffer and Lisa Cavaliere were recommended to me by a colleague when I first moved back to the NY area 2 years ago. I have gone to chiropractors sporadically over the years for various reasons ranging from minor discomfort to specific, more painful spinal subluxations as well as preventative maintenance. I find their practice to be superior, caring and professional and their treatments holistic, thorough and greatly effective. I've noticed a drastic reduction in back pain and discomfort, which was has improved even more steadily with subsequent visits.

In addition, I started strength and circuit training with Scott earlier this year to try to alleviate some upper back instability and have seen major improvements in that area. As an added bonus, I have noticed an increase in stamina, strength and flexibility and have enjoyed an overall increased sense of well being. I feel fortunate to have a certified trainer of Scott's magnitude who also happens to have a vast knowledge of my particular frame and build and how certain workouts, moves and exercises can either help or harm depending upon variables such as form and repetition. I highly recommend them both for their knowledgeable and caring approach to chiropractic care, physical training and overall health and wellness."

-Heather Muir